Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
2nd Meeting with Industrial University of Dresden



As reported by public relations, a joint meeting was held between the SBUK's technical faculty and Dresden University, attended by a group of faculty members of various departments of the technical faculty, the delegation from the Dresden University of Germany and a number of industrial directors of the province. 

Meeting was opened by Dr. Seydnezhad, who welcomed all the guests and said that cooperation with Germany is an opportunity that should be seized. He also expressed his hopes for having good industrial and financial relationships with DAAD and also Dresden University of Germany in applied fields. 

  Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Hosseini, familiarized the guests with this department in more details. 


The rest of the first meeting was about the general issues, but the second meeting's main theme was about Mechanics and Electrical Engineering/ Power.

The aim of these meetings was the scientific exchange with a view of industrial and applied projects and also academic relationships. Other issues such as manufacturing mechanical pieces, projects related to high voltage, insulation and industrial electronics and offering joint degree acceptable to both countries were also discussed. It was decided to hold workshops, first in Kerman and then in Germany, with the help of Dresden University, to increase academic research projects between the two countries and prepare a list of suggestions in terms of industrial, technical and academic fields to be pursued in next meetings. 

In the end, the two parties signed an MOU for exchanging students, faculty members and holding educational workshops. 




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