Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Speech by Prof. Palme, Molecular Plant Physiologist from Germany

As reported by the public relations, Professor Klaus Palme from University of Freiburg had a speech on "the relationship between the SBUK and Freiburg University". This meeting was hosted by the Horticulture Research Center and attended by Department of Agriculture's Dean, Dr. Masoumi, Director of Horticulture Research Center, Dr. Mohammadinejad and a number of faculty members of SBUK's agriculture department in the conference hall of the SBUK.

During this meeting, Prof. Palme introduced Freiburg city and the history of its university (in PowerPoint format) and then continued his speech on the management of policies of university, departments, groups and also research fields an scientific budgets.

Then, he talked about his field of expertise, i.e. insight from high resolution phenotyping and said that he mostly uses the plant of Arabidopsisis Thaliana in his research as a model.

The meeting ended by a free discussion and Q&A and he expressed his willingness in establishing more relationships and more research opportunities for Iranian students and researchers.
Professor Plame also visited some natural and historic sites of the province.

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