Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The 10th Biennial Conference of Agricultural Economy

As reported by the public relations, the 10th biennial conference of agricultural economy was held hosted by the SBUK and attended by a number of national and international professors and governmental authorities of the country and the province.

The Iranian Society of Agricultural Economy was established in 1993 with the attempts of a group of elite and veteran professors of agricultural economy. Development of improvement of the science of agricultural economy, qualitative and quantitative training of experts and improving the educational and research affairs in this area are of the aims of this society.

Holding biennial conferences is an important program of this society, the aim of which is to accelerate the research and present achievements. 9 conferences have been held and for the 10th one, the SBUK was selected as the host.

Some of the subjects covered by this conference are:

1. Investment capacities of agriculture and affiliated industries and ways of financing agriculture
2. Water economy (market, virtual water, water accounting, water pricing)
3. Productivity and business in the agricultural sector: challenges and solutions
4. Strategic policies for agricultural development, preservation of natural resources and the environment
5. Comparative advantages, trade policy and development of agribusiness

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