Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The Elevnth Afzalipour Awards


The eleventh Afzaliour Awards and the first Entrepreneurship Award ceremony was held in SBUK's Vahdat Hall, attended by Kerman universities' chancellors, provincial authorities, outstanding figures, faculty members and students.

Chancellor of SBUK, Dr. Taher: we are here today to award scientific and artistic achievements. These awards are symbolic and a celebration of science and art and those who has dedicated their lives to knowledge and culture. SBUK holds a special place in awarding and could be considered as a pioneer in this path. 


Professor of Tehran University, top professor and researcher of the country, and nationally distinguished face of geology, Dr. Ali Darvishzade, who received the eleventh Afzalipour Award, also attended this ceremony, thanked the SBUK and late Mr. Afzalipour for the seeds he has planted and hoped for its continuity. He also talked about drought and its social consequences.  

The first Saba Award Winner, Aydin Aghdashloo talked about his first trip to Kerman: I first fell in love with Kerman in 1977, when a nursery in Kerman was supposed to turn into a museum and I came here to cooperate with this. Before that, to me Kerman was a cradle of Iranian culture but then I met Kerman people, disadvantaged and humble people, who have dedicated the outcome of their lives to Iranian culture and history for 5 thousand years. 

"The First Entrepreneurship Award” was also a part of this ceremony. Haj Mousa Mohamadi, top entrepreneur of the country, distinguished for the practical economic model, the youngest donor, winner of peace and kindness award, also received the First Entrepreneurship Award from the SBUK. 

Talking about some of his memories, he counted insistence on demands, philanthropy, no jealousy, being an early bird, respecting parents, contentment, good counselors and appreciating the subordinates as some reasons of his success.  

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