Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Roundtable on Art Economy

   As reported by the Public Relations, faculty member of economics Dr. Alireza Shakibaei and expert in ancient manuscript, Mr. Hasheminejad attended a roundtable with students and other faculty members at Saba Hall in the Islam and Iran's Culture Research Center.

Referring to the importance of art, Dr. Alireza Shakibaei said: art is a pillar of development. For example if we build a bridge and do not pay attention to it's aesthetic aspects people will not be satisfied with it. One reason of our people taking so much tranquilizers is that our development has forgotten the aesthetic aspect.

He added: previously, art had an entirely cultural aspect and it was the thought that an artist should not have anything with economy, while today and artist could have a good income from his/her art.

Talking about the conditions of an artwork to enter the economy, he said: today, industrial activities are not possible without tools and machines and we should learn to participate in group works and divide works to several processes.

A student of Economy, Mohebbi said: when we talk about art economy, we should see what aspect of art is in our mind. Art is not customizable. There is definitely an art economy and art as a commodity could be offered in a market but how is this market defined?
Our concern is that the plan of art economy without considering the requirements of an artwork would lead art to banality.

Expert of manuscripts, Mr. Hasheminejad also had a speech in this roundtable and said: in the past, art did satisfy some needs of society and people needed it but in today's world the social role played by art has changed and we pay for the creativity.

Talking about the reasons of decline in demand for works of art, he said: today, everybody says why is the market slack? Low quality, derease in demand and competitor markets are some of the reasons. If you want to be active in art ecoonmy, you should turn your creativity into athe goods customers need. In art economy we should think of the value of the transaction and try to get to it.

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