Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Transgenic Products, Clean Products

As reported by the Public Relations, the conference on transgenic products was held with the collaboration of SBUK's horticultural research center and scientific forum of horticulture engineering at Saba Hall.

Faculty Member and Chairman of Horticultural Research Center, Dr. Ghasem Mohammadinejad said about the aim of holding this conference: in current situation, we hear conflicting news about the health or safety of transgenic products in various media. That's why we decided to have this conference as the experts and researchers in this field to inform people based on scientific documents.

He added: the technology of transgenic products is one of the most important scientific approaches in agriculture to get to food safety and healthy food production. Based on the reports by WHO, there is no evidence showing the unhealthiness of these products, neither did Iran's Ministry of Health issue any order on the unhealthines of transgenic products.

Talking about the water and soil crisis and agricultural limitations of Iran, Dr. Mohammadinejad said that using modern technologies is the only hope to get to food safety in the country: using transgenic products is necessary, considering the policies of resistive economy, increasing the population, climate change and the necessity of having products in the shortest time possible. 

A number of faculty members from Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman University of Medical Sciences and the Graduate University of Advanced Technology of Kerman also attended the conference and talked about the importance of transgenic products.


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