Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
SBUK Hosts World's Best Neurosurgeon

In the 40th year of SBUK's establishment, this university hosted world's most venerable neurosurgeon, Professor Majid Samiei. As reported by the Public Relations, Pro. Samiei attended the ceremony together with Dr. Sattari, the President's Deputy of Research and Technology. 

Chairman of the SBUK, Dr. Taher; Chairman of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Haghdoost; Governor General of Kerman Province, Eng. RazmHosseini and a huge number of faculty members and students were also present.  SBUK students warmly welcome Prof. Sameie.

After greetings by Dr. Taher and Dr. Haghdoost, the President's Deputy of Research and Technology, Dr. Sattari had a short speech and said: we have 5 millions of students in Iran that puts us in the 5th rank in the world and the number of our annual graduates is equal to that of the United States'. We also have 32 million young people aging between 20 to 40, which is great resource for us.

He also said to the students that the future of Kerman is built by its students not its mines. This is the knowledge and science in the young that makes utilization of mines possible.

After this short speech by Dr. Sattari, Prof. Samiei walked to the podium and answered the students' warm welcoming. 

World's best neurosurgeon called students, Iran's apple of the eye and said: your passion, feeling and encouragement is the voice of all Iranian proclaiming to the whole world that "we will build Iran's future with science and technology and will show a new world to everybody."

Prof. Samiei said that students are the greatest wealth of this province: we are here to show that we are ready to support every one of students to build a better Iran based on knowledge and technology. 

Emphasizing the importance of science and technology in country's development, he said: to achieve science, do not fear from lack of facilities. Every where in the world you could increase your knowledge by attempt.

Respecting professors was another advice by Prof. Samiei: If anywhere in your life you came to the dilemma of science and wealth, do not hesitate to choose science. When the European had nothing in science our ancestors built the foundation of knowledge, so remember the great history of your country and build your country with your knowledge. 

Talking about the process of building the biggest neuroscience center of the world in Tehran, Prof. Samiei said that with the suggestion by the governor general we have started negotiations to built a branch of this center in Kerman: we hope that with the establishment of this center, anyone in the farthest parts of this province enjoys the same facilities that patients have in Europe.

The Professor ended his speech with some memories and advice for students.

In the end, his presence was appreciated granting certificates of appreciation by chancellors of the SBUK and Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Payam e Nour University, Azad University and also Kerman Higher Education University. The Scientific Reward of Afzalipour by the SBUK, the honorary doctorate of physiology by Kerman University of Medical Sciences and honorary citizenship of Kerman by the governor general was granted to Professor Samiei.

It is to be noted that, and MOU for the establishment of "the scientific institution of professor Samiei" was signed between the President's Deputy of Research and Technology and the two universities of Shahid Bahonar and Medical Sciences of kerman. An MOU for launching "the first animal farm" was signed between chancellors of the SBUK and University of Medical Sciences.


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