Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Professor Philippe Taquet's Talk



As reported by the public relations office, Professor Philippe Taquet, the distinguished professor of Paleontology had a talk on "Kerman's paleontological sites" in Vahdat Hall.

Dr. Basiri, the deputy of cultural and social affairs of university thanked Prof. Taquet for his presence and said: SBUK is one of the greatest universities of the country that is established by the efforts of Mr. Afzalipour and Mrs. Fakhere Saba based on the good old Iranian tradition. 

He continued: SBUK is holding its 40th year of establishment through holding such fruitful programs. He also stated: we hope to connect to other universities throughout the world, since Kerman is a collection of different cultures and is ready to collaborate with world universities including University of Paris and then he thanked Professor. Philippe Taquet for his speech.


Professor. Taquet, the French paleontologist said: I am so grateful for the invitation by the SBUK and pass the warm regards of the French Academy of Sciences to you. I am so happy to be in Kerman, since Kerman has great paleontological and geological values and I am so optimistic about its future. Kerman is a geological book including all the geological periods and its valuable history. Kerman could have a paleontological museum like the one we have in France. Of course, they do have one in Kerman but it needs more attention.
He then presented the results of his studies in Algeria in PowerPoint and said: in 1972, the first denticle of a dinosaur was discovered in Kerman and 10 years later, Italian scientists could find another one in Kerman. This shows that Kerman has been the residence of dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The head of natural museum of Paris then stated: we would have a joint project with the SBUK and we are ready for future cooperation.

In the end, Mr. Tajrobekar, collector of fossils and paleontologists was acknowledged for his contributions by the administration of cultural heritage and the chamber of commerce.





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