Today : Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The Province Think Tank Session

As reported by the public relations office, the think tank session of the
 province (the working group of home policy) was held attending by Dr. Basiri, SBUK's deputy of cultural and social affairs; Dr. Ghafuri, Graduate University of Advanced Technology and Graduate Studies' deputy of student, cultural and social affairs; Dr. Kazemi, former director of the think tank; Dr. Yazdanpanah, director of the think tank and also a group faculty members and representatives of executive administrations and also some cultural and journalistic entities.

Dr. Basiri said: last year, we received the think tank's regulations and meticulous investigations showed us that we need to find people, who discover challenges well and provide solutions for them. It has been a year that IRI Center of Strategic Studies has decided to establish think tanks with a focus on universities, and this is what we hope to get to.

Then, Dr. Kazemi, former director of think tank talked about the general history of it around the world and the necessity to pay attention to it: government agencies need to have full knowledge at hand and this is what we focus on in the think tank. The main fields are divided into 7 aspects: social and cultural, environment, home policy, foreign policy, science and technology, economical and financial, education and higher education) each of which has its own subcategories.

Then, Dr. Yazdanpanah, director of university's think tank said our target is to get the voice of the elite and scientists about political, commercial and economic problems to the authorities through the think tank and based on the home policy working group activities. For the new year, we hope to provide practical and effective solutions to the authorities.

Dr. Ghafuri, Graduate University of Advanced Technology and Graduate Studies's deputy of student, cultural and social affairs also stated: if we want to get to growth and development in our country, we would need the think tank, since we have a religious democracy in our country and decision making in these issues is related to the legislators. He added: our country is the 5th in the world in terms of raw material resources. The average IQ is also so high in our country. After that, he asked the audience to give their opinions.

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