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The Department

The Department of Petroleum Engineering of Shahid Bahonar University was founded in 2006 Based on a thorough background in mining, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, the courses within the department have been aimed at preparing well-qualified petroleum engineers who can address various challenges related to the Petroleum industry. In recognition of Iran as a major oil producing country, the department has developed industry related research programs in collaboration with major Iranian oil companies including but not limited to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).



Graduate Programs




In accordance with the requirements of the Graduate programs in Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, in order to complete the M.Sc. program, each M.Sc. candidate must complete a minimum of 32 units, which include a research project of 6 units as the M.Sc. thesis.



The Ph.D. program requires completion of course work with a minimum of 12 credits beyond the M.Sc. degree. The candidates must pass the qualifying exam and prepare a comprehensive Ph.D. thesis, which should be successfully defended. This department offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in advanced areas of petroleum engineering including the following research topics:


  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Underground Storage
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Seismic and Well Logging
  • Wellbore Stability
  • Production Engineering
  • Thermo-kinetics, Catalyst, Reaction Control
  • Transport Phenomena and Separation Processes
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology






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