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  Dr. Taher, One of the Most Cited Researchers of the World
 Date : 12/18/2016 8:10:01 AM

In the Name of God According to the documents published by the Thomson Reuters Corporation (ISI), SBUK's Chancellor, Dr. Taher has been selected as one of the most cited researchers of 2016, which is a great honor for the SBUK and the academic society of Iran. The SBUK hereby congratulates Dr. Ta

  The Opening Ceremony of Strength of Materials and Structural Quality Control Research Center
 Date : 12/18/2016 8:07:09 AM

As reported by the Public Relations, the opening ceremony of Strength of Materials and Structural Quality Control Research Center was held, attended by Vice-chancellor of Research and Technology, Dr. Ehteshamzadeh; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Shirazi; ; CEO of Boutia Company of Steel,

  The Third Meeting of Officials from Bavaria and the SBUK
 Date : 9/13/2016 1:29:25 PM

As reported by public relations, officials from Bavaria, Germany visited Kerman province for the third time and attended a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce. Also attended in the meeting were faculty members from the SBUK, other universities of the province, director general of Bayern Internati

  2nd Meeting with Industrial University of Dresden
 Date : 9/13/2016 1:23:40 PM

​ As reported by public relations, a joint meeting was held between the SBUK's technical faculty and Dresden University, attended by a group of faculty members of various departments of the technical faculty, the delegation from the Dresden University of Germany and a number of industrial

  SBUK Hosts the South African Ambassador
 Date : 8/1/2016 8:37:31 AM

As reported by the public relations, as a tribute to the day of mining and industry, SBUK hosted the ambassador of South Africa. This meeting was a good opportunity for bilateral cooperation and exchange of information in research and science and also mining and industry. ​ At first, Dr. Taher

  Cooperation of SBUK, Montan University of Austria and Amin Yar Mining Company
 Date : 7/24/2016 9:19:51 AM

As reported by the public relations, and MOU was signed between the SBUK, Montan University of Austria and Amin Yar Mining Company. Montan University's Deputy of International relations, Prof. Moser along with a delegation of four visited SBUK to sign the MOU. They had also paid a visit to chr

  Cooperation between Kerman and Bavaria, Germany
 Date : 7/13/2016 1:17:23 PM

As reported by university public relations, the seminar of cooperation between Kerman and Bavaria, Germany was held in Kerman's Chamber of Commerce, attended by SBUK's authorities of Research Deputy. In this meeting, the Secretary General of Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Rashidinezjad gave a

  Speech by Prof. Palme, Molecular Plant Physiologist from Germany
 Date : 6/6/2016 11:29:48 AM

As reported by the public relations, Professor Klaus Palme from University of Freiburg had a speech on "the relationship between the SBUK and Freiburg University". This meeting was hosted by the Horticulture Research Center and attended by Department of Agriculture's Dean, Dr. Masoumi, Director

  The President and the SBUK
 Date : 5/17/2016 11:23:07 AM

During the visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Kerman province, a meeting was arranged with scholars and Isaargaran, three of whom were faculty members of the SBUK; the renowned professor of mathematics, Prof. Rajabalipour, the Director General of Cultural Affairs of Universit

  The 10th Biennial Conference of Agricultural Economy
 Date : 5/17/2016 11:20:06 AM

As reported by the public relations, the 10th biennial conference of agricultural economy was held hosted by the SBUK and attended by a number of national and international professors and governmental authorities of the country and the province. The Iranian Society of Agricultural Economy was esta

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